Financial Management Class for CEOs

Course level:Intermediate
Course Duration: 5h 25m

What I will learn?

  • Read your financial statement and make informed decisions
  • Understand the numbers sit on your financial statements
  • Learn how to use the numbers and make strategic moves
  • Learn the concept of cascading goals and see some cool examples
  • Learn how to set cascading metrics to build accountability
  • Use cash forecasting to understand your cash position and look ahead
  • Learn how to visualize the data and how to make data actionable

Course Curriculum

Week 1: Before We Start

  • What You Need to Know Before We Start
  • Common Mistakes Your Accounting Department Makes That Renders Your Data Unusable
  • Common Mistakes on P&L Why Cash Basis Accounting Doesn’t Work for Management
  • Common Mistakes on P&L: Inconsistent Above The Line Items
  • Common Mistakes on P&L – Miscategorized Below The Line Items
  • Common Mistakes on Cash Flow Statement
  • Common Mistakes on Your Balance Sheet
  • Bonus: Bad Data Is Worse than No Data
  • Quick Quiz

Week 2: Fundamental Business and Accounting

Week 3: How to Set Goal x Crush It

Week 4: Cash Forecasting x Cash Management

Week 5: Introduction to Key Metrics x Actionable Data


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About Course

A 5-week financial management class with CEOs who need better insight and make instant changes to your business. This online class is tailored to business owners/entrepreneurial CEOs/entrepreneurs who don’t have a financial background (and don’t need one). Topics are covered from fundamental business to how to set key metrics for your business.

Target Audience

  • CEOs who don't have a financial background
  • Entrepreneurs need to run businesses via numbers
  • CEOs who are struggling to make profits from sales

Material Includes

  • 50+ Short Videos Clips
  • Structured lesson outline
  • 2 Quizzes
  • 5+ Lesson Materials & Demos
  • 5+ real-life examples