Revamp Your Work Week: The Power of a Monday Morning Action Plan

Are you tired of the “too busy” and “can’t find the time” mentality in your firm? Are you struggling to implement the learnings from conferences and meetings in your practice? It’s time to create a Monday Morning Action Plan!

In our previous article, we talked about keeping a Time Journal to find the time to do the things that matter most. The Monday Morning Action Plan is the next step to apply what you’ve learned or identified in your organization. This plan sets out to put a plan in place for what you can control this week, complete with built-in accountability and necessary items for the team to address throughout the week.

Start with a clear goal, delegate tasks and assign accountability, set actionable steps, and reflect and adjust. Before you wrap up your meeting to go execute the Monday Morning Plan, be sure to identify the goal. Remember, the plan is not just about the end goal, but the steps you’ll take to get there. Make sure to include all necessary items in the template and reflect on your progress regularly to adjust your plan as needed.

The Monday Morning Action Plan isn’t just for your team, it’s a statement and a promise to yourself. It’s about recognizing the problem and coming up with even small, incremental steps to take and changes to make. So, try this next Monday: pick one thing you are going to do that day. It’s important to note that the action you choose for your Monday Morning Action Plan doesn’t have to be a major undertaking, such as overhauling a project management system. Even something as simple as having a conversation with a colleague about how to make a necessary improvement can be a valuable step forward. The key is to identify an achievable action that will bring you closer to your goal and to hold yourself accountable for following through on it.

As the leader, you are taking what you’ve learned from a conference, bootcamp, or any professional experience and applying it. Remember, accountability matters, so how do you make it matter? Create a Monday Morning Action Plan!

Download Monday Morning Action Plan Template

Don't let another Monday pass by without a plan! Download our Monday Morning Action Plan template now and start your week off right.

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