Time Journal

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Many people often find themselves wishing for more time. When was the last time you complained about not having enough time? While some people can achieve their goals within a short time, others spend their entire lives barely making any progress. Time is created equal for everyone, the difference is how you deploy the time would make a huge impact on the results.

I, too, once let time slip away unnoticed. I felt frustrated about the time I had invested in my business, and how little results I had achieved. That’s when I started to keep a time journal. It involved tracking my time in 30-minute increments and noting the primary task I was working on during that period.

This simple approach led me to the realization that I was wasting time on trivial matters or tasks that had no impact on my business. This realization proved to be a game-changer for me. I began to understand where I was spending my time and gained visibility on where I could improve.

If you’re currently walking down the same path that I once did, I hope my experience is useful to you. If you start to be mindful of where your time is being spent, you’ll gain clarity on what you’re working on and be able to validate whether your actions align with your plan. By utilizing your time towards tasks that will yield the highest impact, you’re guaranteed a positive return on your investment.

To get started with a time journal, all you need to do is try it for a week and see the outcomes you achieve. Consistently track your time and examine the adjustments you make. By doing so, you’ll not only become better at utilizing your time, but you’ll also become more intentional in your work. Remember that time is a precious commodity, and how you spend it matters.

Time Journal Template

Why not try out the Time Journal approach for yourself by downloading the Time Journal doc and getting started today? Let us know how it works out!

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